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DiscoveryBound is a volunteer driven program and grassroots support of individuals like you is vital to our success. There are many ways to be involved with DiscoveryBound – sharing your time, talent, energy and love. Following are just a few:

Moral & Ethical Standards

As a Christian Science organization, DiscoveryBound expects its staff and volunteers to live up to the highest moral and ethical standards consistent with Christian Science. The following Standards are set forth as expectations of each individual associated with DiscoveryBound.

  1. As a volunteer for DiscoveryBound, I understand that I am a role model for others and will be working closely with children, young adults and adults to support their individual growth in Christian Science through various activities and events.
  2. I am an active student of Christian Science and am a member in good standing of either The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist or one of its branch churches or am in the process of joining one or the other or both.
  3. I live in accordance with the teachings of Christian Science, striving to demonstrate its principle daily.
  4. I am familiar with the Matthew Code and will uphold it when in a situation requiring its practice. (Matthew 18:15-17)
  5. I am free from the use of tobacco, alcohol, medicine and drugs of any kind.
  6. I am not engaged in, nor do I advocate, sexual relations outside of marriage. I also will not engage in any activity inappropriate for a role model.
It's a joy for me, as a former Trustee who sat in meetings discussing the concept of NLC, to see it playing a significant role in the lives of young Christian Scientists. What a blessing!
– NLC Mentor

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