Meet the Team

Meet the group at the heart of all the DiscoveryBound programs! Feel free to reach out to them; they would enjoy hearing from you.

DiscoveryBound Directors

Susan Barner
DiscoveryBound Outreach & Compass Director
888.416.7348 x136 or Email
Mary Sipe
DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council (NLC) Director
888.416.7348 x134 or Email

DB Outreach

Halley Franklin
DiscoveryBound Special Events and Communications Manager
888.416.7348 x138 or Email
Shelby Mehring
DiscoveryBound Young Adult Manager
888.416.7348 x139 or Email
Lori Selby
DiscoveryBound Outreach Manager
Eastern Region
781.956.9035 or Email
Katie Stewart
DiscoveryBound Outreach Manager
Western Region
888.416.7348 x112 or Email

DB National Leadership Council

Mary Beth Cox
DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council Assistant Director
Lizzie Loomis
DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council
Program Administrator
888.416.7348 x105 or Email

DB Compass

Katie Price
DiscoveryBound Compass Manager
888.416.7348 x137 or Email