Meet the Team

Meet the group at the heart of all the DiscoveryBound programs! Feel free to reach out to them; they would enjoy hearing from you.

Susan Barner
Susan Barner
DiscoveryBound Outreach & Compass Director
Contact: 888.416.7348 x136 or Email

Susan oversees DiscoveryBound’s various Outreach activities and the Compass program. What she loves about her work is supporting the vast opportunities for Christian Scientists and their friends to come together in a fun-filled loving and healing atmosphere! Susan also enjoys spending time with family, baking, reading and being outdoors which includes fly-fishing with her husband.

Mary Sipe
DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council (NLC) Director
Contact: 888.416.7348 x134 or Email

Mary is DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Director. Having been a parent and class leader as well, she can answer most NLC questions. Mary has been involved with youth activities since 1986 as a camp counselor, DB Contact, NLC Class leader and more. She really enjoys seeing that awesome moment a teen has when making Christian Science his/her own. Beyond work she enjoys RVing with her family to National Parks.

Shelby Barner
DiscoveryBound Young Adult Manager
Contact: 888.779.3000 x139 or Email

Shelby is DiscoveryBound’s Young Adult Manager. One of her favorite parts of the position is the opportunity to make meaningful connections and build community within the 20s/30s group through exciting and inspiring activities. Shelby looks forward to meeting everyone and being a support to her DB team. Outside of work, Shelby enjoys all water activities, peaking 14ners, riding horses, baking an amazing scone and traveling to new locations with her friends and family!

Mary Beth Cox
DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council Curriculum Specialist
Contact: Email

Mary Beth is DiscoveryBound NLC’s Curriculum Specialist. She is a 2020C Class Leader. She will be supporting current and future class leaders. Mary Beth has been a teacher for 10 years and is excited to use what she has learned about education to refine the clarity and efficacy of the NLC curriculum. Outside of work, Mary Beth enjoys spending time with family, being outdoors and traveling to other countries.

Lee Anne Meidell
DiscoveryBound Outreach Manager
Contact: 888.376.7572 or Email

Lee Anne enjoys working with people of all ages and backgrounds to build bridges and help develop their relationships with others, and Christian Science. She enjoys traveling, reading, sports, and being outside. Lee Anne and her husband are thrilled to be back in Colorado after raising their two daughters in Massachusetts.

Lizzie Loomis
NLC Program Administrator
Contact: 314-458-4863 or Email

Katie Price
Katie Price
DiscoveryBound Compass Manager
Contact: 888.416.7348 x137 or Email

Katie is the go-to for DB’s one-year program for teens in 10th-12th grades, managing its registration, retreat planning, and communications. She has worked with Christian Science youth since college, and her favorite part about her job is helping Christian Scientists from all over connect with one another. Outside of work, Katie loves baking pies and re-reading her favorite childhood books aloud to her two young children.

Lori Selby
DiscoveryBound Outreach Manager
Contact: 781.956.9035 or Email

Lori’s favorite part of her job is supporting volunteers and planning events. It gives her the opportunity to travel and spend time with families, youth and adults from across the country while seeing Christian Science in action. Lori enjoys playing softball, biking, swimming, kayaking, sunsets, beach combing and traveling with her family.

Mackenzie Talcott
DiscoveryBound Special Events & Communications Manager
Contact: 888.416.7348 x138 or Email

Mackenzie manages the registration and communications for Outreach events, as well as the planning of the National Annual Event. She has worked with youth for 6 years as a horseback riding instructor and camp counselor. Mackenzie’s favorite part of her job is witnessing the power of prayer in any situation. Outside of work, Mackenzie enjoys working on and racing cars, and spending time in the mountains.

Catherine Trevor-Roberts
Catherine Trevor-Roberts
DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council (NLC) Assistant Director
Contact: 888.416.7348 x135 or Email

Catherine is DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council’s Assistant Director. She specializes in registration, payment and financial aid, but will help with any NLC question. Catherine has been working with teens for over 20 years. Christian Science Camps are her favorite place to work as she loves witnessing the spiritual growth everyone experiences. Cat also loves running, spending time with her family and traveling.