DiscoveryBound’s Origin

DiscoveryBound, a division of Adventure Unlimited, is a non profit organization founded over 50 years ago to serve Christian Scientists and their friends by providing activities that allow individuals to see the practicality of Christian Science in their daily lives.

DiscoveryBound is a program run and funded primarily by Adventure Unlimited. The organization is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of dedicated Christian Scientists and is staffed by a small group of employees (DB Staff) and hundreds of volunteers who carry out DiscoveryBound programs across the globe.

Formerly Adventure Unlimited Chapters

Recognizing that a number of organizations serve young Christian Scientists, Adventure Unlimited proactively reached out to them. Each of these organizations is led by inspired, dedicated staff and volunteers, and offers unique learning environments and programs to support youth. By working more closely together and optimizing the strengths of these different organizations, we can all have an even broader impact on the lives of young Christian Scientists.

With this in mind, in 2001 the name of Adventure Unlimited’s year round chapter program was changed to “DiscoveryBound.” This new name enables more young people, regardless of camp or school affiliation, to feel welcome and included in local, regional and national activities.

DiscoveryBound Programs

With the addition of the National Leadership Council and Compass Programs under the DiscoveryBound umbrella, the name of the branch that oversees the local, regional and national events is now referred to as Outreach – serving Christian Science youth, adults and families and the broader community – including their friends of all faiths. See Organization Chart under About Us.

Historical Sketch

6.AboutUs_OurHistory(1)1962 – Adventure Unlimited formed as a nonprofit organization, governed by a nationwide Board of Trustees.

1965 – First national training conference held for 1965 Adventure Unlimited volunteers; first local Adventure Unlimited Chapters launched; first local Adventure Unlimited activity for college age participants, drawing over 275 individuals to the event in Barrington, Illinois.

1968 – First Chapter chartered outside the United States in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

1971 – Adventure Unlimited office moved from St. Louis to Denver. First Chapter chartered outside North America in Durban, South Africa.

1979 – Adventure Unlimited Headquarters building completed in Englewood, Colorado (since renamed Greenwood Village – a suburb of Denver).

1985 – Family and Adult activity programs added to Chapter programming.

1998 – First National Teen Leadership Conference, drawing over 170 teens.

2001 – DiscoveryBound created as division of Adventure Unlimited to be more inclusive of all CS organizations.

2005 – DiscoveryBound Boston Youth Meeting – teens met with the Board of Directors of The Mother Church.

– Adventure Unlimited celebrated 50th anniversary at the A/U Ranches with 450 participants.

– The DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council program was launched.

2008 – Principia hosted DiscoveryBound for its DiscoveryBound Leadership Conference with over 500 teens and Chapter workers present.

2015 – DiscoveryBound named the program that oversees the local, regional and national events, Outreach.

2015 – Adventure Unlimited celebrated 60th anniversary with all program alumni, including DiscoveryBound Outreach and NLC at the A/U Ranches.

2015 – The DiscoveryBound Compass program was launched.

8.AboutUs_OurHistory(3) 7.AboutUs_OurHistory(2)

Since the inaugural Chapter activities, the A/U field program, now called DiscoveryBound, has been fulfilling the organization's mission of "Opening Windows to God" throughout the country and the world since 1965. The ability to see Christian Science in action, whether through a local community activity or in serving others abroad, speaks to the heart of DiscoveryBound and its long-term viability.
– Gina Lindquist-Bailey, Executive Director

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