Partnering with other Christian Science Organizations

12.AboutUs_Partners(1)There are many organizations that support the Christian Science community; a number of them specifically youth-focused. DiscoveryBound holds a unique position as a secular institution working with many of them serving a similar constituent base. We feel it is imperative that we all work together with a unified purpose and message so our activities benefit the Movement we love and support individuals experiencing Christian Science in action.

We couldn’t do it without you!

Some of DiscoveryBound’s valued partners include:

Other Useful Sites

13.AboutUs_Partners(2)Following is a list of other partners and organizations serving the Christian Science community. While this is not a complete list, we thought you might find these resources helpful.

Berkeley Hall School
The Christian Science Monitor
Clairbourn School
Daycroft School Foundation
Huntington Tower School
The Link School
My Bible Lesson
Prayerful Living
Rainbow Valley Resource Network

DiscoveryBound seeks out opportunities to work with fellow Christian Science youth-oriented organizations. We see the many blessings that come from working together, where the goal of serving the Christian Science community is strengthened by the best of what each brings to the table.
– Steve Holser, Chairman, Board of Trustees

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