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15.AboutUs_WhatIsCS(1)Christian Science is a Bible-based protestant Christian religion, not to be confused with Scientology. It follows Jesus’ example of how to rely on God for health and happiness. Christian Science is all about living love and expressing God’s goodness, including treating other people with unconditional empathy and forgiveness. Christian Scientists pray to God for guidance and healing for a variety of challenges – emotional, financial, physical, etc. – and they find that it works.

A common misunderstanding about Christian Science is that Christian Scientists are not allowed to go to doctors. Actually, the church does not set rules like that, and each person is encouraged to make their own decisions. It is a religion of Biblical examples, critical thinking, and effective prayer.

16.AboutUs_WhatisCS(2)It may be helpful for you to go to a Christian Science Sunday School before you attend a DiscoveryBound activity so you have a better understanding of how we turn to God. Ask someone to take you or go on your own. You are always welcome at a Christian Science church!

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