The National Leadership Council is no longer just a 4 year program. Thanks to the new NLC Alumni Initiative, the friendships, opportunities and resources that are such valued assets of the program are now available to NLC graduates to use at their own volition.

The Alumni Initiative offers:

  • Avenues to keep in contact with current and past NLC students
  • Additional leadership opportunities within and beyond the Christian Science community
  • Career networking
  • A social media community for sharing inspiration and opportunity for good
  • Real world leadership training
  • Support for current NLC teens through Alumni mentoring
  • Service based trips to be enjoyed with the NLC Alumni family
  • Financial and metaphysical support for individual Alumni exploration of service and travel
  • Most importantly, the Initiative’s goal is to continue to love and nurture you as growing leaders and to provide you with the tight knit support system that you became so familiar with during your high school years

Small scale NLC Alumni events are taking place including gatherings at Principia College, various Alumni getting re-involved with DiscoveryBound as Chaperones and a large group of Alumni returning for the annual All Class Retreat. In the near future, new developments will be launched such as:

  • A career networking partnership with the Albert Baker Fund
  • Career connections through LinkedIn
  • New opportunity of real world leadership training through global organizations
  • Involve Alumni with current NLC students through mentoring
    This is truly an exciting time for all “NLCers” – past and present!

Join the 20s/30s Facebook Group

Connect other people in their 20s/30s and build community through local, national and international gatherings with a Christian Science atmosphere.

Find out how you can be active NLC Alumni

Email: NLC Alumni Initiative Liaison or DB National Leadership Council Director

Give a Gift to Support the NLC Alumni Initiative

Make a donation in support of the NLC Alumni Initiative. After submitting your donation, you will receive an email confirmation. You will need to retain this email as your tax receipt.

If you prefer to send a check, mail it to:

Attn: NLC Alumni Service Fund
5201 S Quebec St
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

We are grateful for your support!

The NLC Alumni Initiative's goal is to provide support and opportunity for those graduates of the National Leadership Council wanting to extend their NLC experience beyond their high school years. We aim to foster growth in voluntary service, leadership, and character building, as well as provide an avenue to travel, serve and pray with fellow alumni.
– Emily Mattson, NLC Alumni Liaison

NLC Alumni Share Perspectives on the Program