Interface with the community

DiscoveryBound’s growing network of Ambassadors (formerly Church Contacts) is invaluable to us. A DiscoveryBound Ambassador is a liaison to your local community. You share our mission, highlight the programs we offer year round for all ages, circulate information on upcoming events, encourage participation and identify individuals interested in receiving updates.

How you can help

Our staff will send you information via email on upcoming activities to share with your local community. Here are some of the ways you can help get the word out and welcome families to the DiscoveryBound community:

  • Encourage individuals to connect with us
  • Direct people to our website to find out more about DiscoveryBound programs
  • Share flyers with local churches to post on bulletin boards before events
  • Hand out and email flyers
  • Share a desk announcement at local churches or Sunday Schools, if appropriate
  • Encourage youth, adults and families to participate in DiscoveryBound programs
  • Maintain a local list of individuals interested in DiscoveryBound and share information with DiscoveryBound headquarters.

Let’s get started!

Together we can achieve our mission of “Opening Windows to God” for Christian Science youth, adults and families. We look forward to partnering with you – thank you!

Note: If you have been a DB Church Contact and there is a DB Chapter in your area then please continue to support your local chapter in helping to share information. If you do not have a DB Chapter in your area then it would be wonderful to have you become a DB Ambassador to share information with your local CS churches and community.

One teenager [attending a local Chapter event] was healed of a knee injury using the truths from the inspirational talk.
– Florida Youth Inspirational and Beach Clean-up Project

Questions? Email or call 888.416.7348 x138