It starts with you

Chapter Workers are the heart and soul of DiscoveryBound’s grassroots community. You will find rewarding fellowship working together nurturing your local Christian Science community.

How you can help

  • Sit on the local DiscoveryBound Chapter Board.
  • Host or organize regular local events for the Christian Science community and their friends of all faiths.
  • Fundraise for local youth to attend Christian Science camps, DiscoveryBound Regional Seasonal weekends, and National Annual events.
  • Serve as a chaperone or help carpool participants.


Let’s get started!

Together we can achieve our mission of “Opening Windows to God” for Christian Science youth, adults and families. We look forward to partnering with you!

Keep inspiration at the heart of your ambitions, and everyone will value what makes DiscoveryBound activities unique – experiencing Christian Science in Action!

A young man who had attended our Sunday School when he was younger, returned 'just to see his old friends' in November. He was taken into the oldest class and by the end of Sunday School told us he was returning every week. He wanted to get involved in the food drive, and as he did, he said how good it felt to be with his old friends and give back to those in need. He gave, but also received, the gift of gratitude.
– Outreach Chapter Worker

Questions? Email or call 888.416.7348 x138