Letter of Gratitude

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Bella at the Compass spring retreat at the A/U Ranches

A teen in the 2020-2021 Compass group shares how spending time with peers who practice Christian Science supported her spiritual growth.

Dear Donor,

I have had such a wonderful time being part of the Compass program this year! It incorporated so many aspects – like spiritual study, friendship, travel and personal growth – that have been of benefit to me. Through a combination of virtual meetings and in-person retreats, I have kept my thoughts spiritually focused and learned a lot about Christian Science.

Some of my favorite parts of Compass were the guest talks (both virtual and in-person) where we got to listen to practitioners and other Christian Science workers discuss how they have used Christian Science in their lives. I always came away from these talks feeling inspired, and I have a journal full of notes on my favorite parts. I have already returned to this journal when praying, and I know that it will be a strong source of support for me in the future. In addition, I loved how the speakers often encouraged participation and discussion. I was able to ask questions about topics that intrigued me, and I got a lot out of the speakers’ answers to other questions as well. Everyone involved was so enthusiastic about listening to one another, sharing their own stories, and learning about Christian Science, and I feel like we all walked away from these talks feeling inspired and supported.

I had such a great time getting to know other Christian Scientists my age. During my childhood, my siblings and I have often been the only children in our Sunday Schools. I have deeply appreciated the guidance and friendship of adult church members, but there is something special about getting to discuss Christian Science with other teens. During our retreats especially, I felt that I was able to deepen my love for Christian Science by hearing about what it meant to the other Compass members. We had many great discussions, and it was fulfilling to get to share my thoughts with people who could understand where I was coming from. I had a lot of fun with the outdoor activities as well. We played lots of games and participated in some amazing experiences (such as horseback riding, sand dune hiking and kayaking) where we were able to bond.

I really appreciated being able to travel for the in-person retreats. While meeting everyone online was fun, it was so fulfilling to be with the rest of the group in-person. I had never been to Adventure Unlimited or Leelanau & Kohahna before, and it was amazing to get to visit camps that have been such inspiring places for Christian Science growth. The sites themselves were beautiful, especially Lake Michigan and the Colorado mountains. Being in a natural environment where I was surrounded by other Christian Scientists really gave me a chance to step away from the rush of day-to-day life and focus on my spiritual relationship with God. Getting to have both spiritual discussion sessions and fun activities with the rest of the Compass group was such a blessing.

Thank you so much for providing financial assistance to help me (and other Compass members) have this wonderful experience. Compass has given me inspiration to take with me throughout the year, and I know I will be able to apply what I have learned in future situations when I need spiritual support. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to participate in this program, and I am grateful for the gifts that made it possible.


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