DiscoveryBound Programs

DiscoveryBound (DB) serves Christian Scientists and the greater community through fellowship in a dynamic, loving, healing and inspiring atmosphere, which encourages growth in an understanding of Christian Science and service to the world.

DiscoveryBound is building bridges among Christian Scientists of all ages, including youth, adults and families across the United States and beyond.

National Leadership Council (NLC)

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discoverybound National Leadership Council (NLC)

is a four year program for high school teens designed to foster spiritual growth and develop servant leadership skills. Teens engage with their peers in a Bible-based curriculum, learn the value of serving others and experience Christian Science in action.



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discoverybound Outreach

"reaches out" beyond camp and church to invite those of all faiths to DB local chapter, regional weekend and annual national events, where they can see Christian Science in action.



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discoverybound Compass

is a one-year program for Christian Science 10th to 12th grade students focused on spiritual exploration and connection with Christian Science peers.

It was great to see the kids share so much love. Everyone was so inclusive – that is what makes DiscoveryBound so amazing!
– DB Chaperone

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