DiscoveryBound’s Compass program is a one-year opportunity for Christian Science teens in high school, focused on spiritual exploration and connection with Christian Science peers.

Do you ever try to listen for God’s voice, but you’re not sure if you’re hearing it? Or do you love Christian Science and wish you could discuss it more with your peers? If so, join Compass!

What to Expect

Compass Study

  • Three in-person retreats in different locations around the country
  • Hour-long web hangouts once a month
  • Monthly themes to explore together

Topics You’ll Explore

  • Self-image
  • Time management
  • Relationships
  • How to talk about CS
  • Global issues
  • Dealing with drugs & alcohol
  • Effective prayer
  • CS toolkit

Program Takeaways

  • Moral and spiritual compass
  • Great group of friends
  • Two awesome adult Guides ready to support you
  • Spiritual toolkit that will help you reach out to God and listen for guidance in return

What is Compass?


Should you register?

Compass spans one school year and is for Christian Science youth in 10th–12th grades. The registration period opens mid-March for the following school year and closes mid-August. Participants can reapply to attend multiple years, if desired. It’s a group of teens – like you – working together and exploring more about listening to God’s voice!

Meet the 2018-2019 DB Compass Guides

Ty and Aubrey:


Ty Bennett
Hey everyone, my name is Ty Bennett. Aubrey McMullin and I will be the new Compass guides next year. We are so excited and grateful for this opportunity.

This next year is going to be a blast. I am thrilled to grow with the group and help each other gain a firmer understanding of the power of Christian Science in our daily lives. Compass will be a perfect way to navigate through some of today’s issues as a group, with the ability to learn from one another and appreciate where everyone is coming from.

My wife and I recently moved from St. Louis, Mo to San Antonio, TX. I have had many great opportunities to meet so many wonderful teens through Cedars, DiscoveryBound and Principia. I have been a Principia admissions counselor for the past six years, which has allowed me to see the growth and passions of many students.

My hobbies include traveling, attending sporting events, cooking and getting to know people. It does not matter where I get to travel; I just enjoy the opportunity to do so. I went to Culinary School for college and have since put it to practice every night at dinner. There are no words to describe my joy to work with you as we embark on this journey together.

Aubrey McMullin
Hey friends! My name is Aubrey McMullin. I was born and raised, and currently live, in Godfrey, IL and have been a Journal-listed Practitioner for a little over 4 years. While I was raised in Christian Science, in high school I had some really big questions about what it really meant to be an effective Christian Scientist. I’d love to share more about my learning experiences when we get to know each other as a group!

I’m the second oldest of 5 kids, and my youngest sibling is in high school. I have taught Sunday School for high school students and worked with this particular age group at different CS camps, and I LOVE learning from teens and sharing what I have learned with them! For a while I have been praying about ways to better support teens in their growth in Christian Science, so when the opportunity came for me to help in this way, the idea came very clearly to say YES!!

Something that I love about practicing Christian Science is that we can practice no matter what activity we are participating in. I love to practice CS while I run, paint, play sports, hike, camp, spend time near and in water, read, and write. Oh, and I LOVE dogs (I love all animals, but have a huge soft spot for dogs!). I know we will have fulfilling and deep discussions, as well as awesome adventures, and everything will work together so harmoniously that we will all walk away from this year ready for wherever we head next!

Shepherd, show me how to go...I will listen for thy voice.
– Mary Baker Eddy

Are you currently a Christian Scientist entering the 8th grade or know someone who is? If so, you are invited to learn more about DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council program. If you’re interested in year-round teen, adult and family events, DiscoveryBound Outreach is for you!

Questions? See FAQs. You can also email or call 888.416.7348 x137

This program is generously underwritten by the Asher Student Foundation and other partners.