Welcome! Meet the Leaders of our current NLC classes. Brief bios below help you to get to know who the amazing people who are shepherding our NLC teens.

I've started volunteering at my local shelter, because I reasoned that if I’m asking my students to do that, I should be willing to do the same thing-busy schedule and all.
– NLC Class Leader

Class 2022A

Kenny D'Evelyn
Kenny D’Evelyn
Kenny grew up in Evergreen, Colorado and now lives in California, where he is pursuing an MBA at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Before starting school, he worked for Deloitte Consulting in Washington, D.C. Kenny worked at the intersection of people and business strategy, and is especially interested in leadership development, culture and inclusion.

Kenny grew up attending the A/U Ranches and has managed to visit at least once a year for as long as he can remember. He was a camper for many years, mostly in the horse programs and spent seven years on staff. He especially loved running the cattle working and polocrosse programs. He’s looking forward to sharing the NLC experience with the 2022A Class.

Allison Terry
Allison Terry
Allison lives in Elsah, Illinois, and works at Principia College. She’s excited to be a class leader and have the opportunity to support and grow side-by-side with the 2022A teens. She’s looking forward to sharing not only her organization skills and the leadership curriculum with the class, but also her deep love of the NLC program and its spirit to inspire service and love for all mankind.

Prior to joining Principia, Allison worked for DiscoveryBound as the NLC Director, and before that at The Christian Science Monitor in Boston, and earned her master’s degree in international media from American University in Washington, D.C. She lived in Ghana for three years, working as a Peace Corps Volunteer and trainer, focused on gender and youth development. When she’s not working, Allison loves visiting her nieces and nephew, watching movies, reading, and spending time out in the Rocky Mountains.

Class 2022Z

Heidi Shays Heinbaugh
Heidi Shays Heinbaugh
Hi, I’m Heidi Shays Heinbaugh, and I couldn’t be more excited to join the 2022z class! I’m the fourth person in my family to take part in the NLC program. My sons Quinn (2016W) and Cole (2018C) are graduates, and my daughter Chaney (2020C) is in her final year. I grew up on the East Coast in several New England states, but I’ve spent most of my grown-up life in California. For many years we lived in Southern California, but now we live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I love outdoor activity of all kinds, and summer camp has been a huge part of my life. My parents owned and operated a girls’ camp in Vermont (Camp Lochearn), and I also went to a handful of other camps, including four of the six Christian Science camps. My own kids have been to a few different family camps, and they each started going to camp on their own in their early elementary years.

I’ve been a Sunday School teacher, Cub Scout leader, and frequent volunteer with organizations that support youth. I love watching kids and teens master skills and grow into confident leaders and learners. To work with this group of Christian Science teens through their high school years is an honor and a privilege. I can’t wait to observe and experience all the growth that we all have ahead of us!

Doug Marrelli
Doug Marrelli
Doug lives in Huntersville, North Carolina (a suburb of Charlotte, NC) with his wife, Heidi (they met while attending Principia College) and their two children, Mitchell and Marlena. Doug’s career in international business has allowed for numerous overseas trips, living and working in Asia and the Middle East, and has fueled his passion for experiencing new cultures, food, and the joy of having wonderful friends worldwide.

Doug enjoys running (half-marathons, marathons, 12 person relays, etc.), hiking, numerous sports and traveling. He has been a coach, Second Reader in 1st Church of Christ Scientist, Charlotte, Sunday School teacher, A/U Bunkhouse parent and has taught numerous college courses on various business and international business topics. He is thrilled to be joining the NLC class of 2022!

Class 2023B

Galen Benson
Galen Benson here. I am excited for the amazing opportunity to work with NLC!

It has almost been two years since my family and I moved to Saint Louis, where both my wife, Portia, and I are faculty at Principia College, Business and Education respectively. I get to teach with an incredible array of colleagues, bringing together a program dedicated to the betterment of humanity.

Portia, has enjoyed spending time at the A/U Ranches, and our children, Lincoln and Marina, have been campers for many years and look forward to many more. Lincoln will be old enough to apply for NLC next year.

I spent numerous summers and winters at the Adventure Unlimited Ranches. Over the years I gained a better appreciation of the unlimited nature God has instilled in each of us and of the protection and guidance that bless us each step we take.

I have learned so much about trusting in and knowing God, and this was a direct result of the amazing staff and experiences that I had ‘growing up’ at a Christian Science camp. The opportunity to continue working with the Christian Science youth of today is special and I will value each moment that I give to this program.

Julie Poling
Hello from Maryland! My name is Julie. I have three children: Liam, Sarah, and Katie, who have all been Crystal Lake campers, and more recently attended Adventure Unlimited. Both Liam (NLC class of 2015E) and Sarah (NLC class of 2017E) loved their NLC experience. I have learned what an amazing program it is and how much opportunity for spiritual growth it offers.

I was introduced to Christian Science later in my life and joined The Mother Church in 2007. Soon after I was introduced to Discovery Bound and NLC. I have spent many years working in a variety of schools as an English/Drama teacher, an elementary teacher assistant, and a substitute teacher for all grades.

I love living in the Maryland suburbs right outside of our Nation’s Capital, where I can enjoy all that the city has to offer, but also appreciate the more rural scenic areas and east coast beaches. I like to read, bike, hike, and look forward to more travel.

I am so excited to be an NLC Class Leader for 2023B.

Class 2023S

Sue Luther
Hi, my name is Sue Luther. I live in Washington state. We have a family of six- Larry, my incredible husband; Rachel, our incredible daughter (who graduated from the NLC class of 2018C); a dog, cat and a horse – all wonderful in their own right.

I grew up in the Air Force, so I got to move around a lot, and I have always loved to travel. After marrying Larry, we split our time between Utah, Baja, and Washington, until we landed in Washington, at Rachel’s request. We just finished building our dream home- small but contemporary and elegant- it’s just what we need.

I have currently been landscaping, along with teaching skiing at Mt. Hood and Sunday School. I also act as a part-time reader and board member for our church. My passion is being outside- this includes working on the ski patrol, and with rescue dogs. I’ve also done avalanche work along with first responder for 27 years. Ive worked at Rainier Mountaineering as Camp Muir manager and base camp operations for 12 years. Also, the Summit Adventure Travel going on trips and outfitting guides, and getting to help in the 2002 Olympic Games! Yay!

I feel so fortunate to have been raised in Christian Science, as it has shown me over and over again that this IS the Truth and the Life. What a gift! There isn’t any other way for me. I rejoice in the opportunity to share this message and grow in my understanding along with these wonderful young adults embarking upon their own quests for the Truth.

Trevor Snorek-Yates
Hello from Trevor. Originally from Texas, I have lived in New England for the last 15 years. I have worked teaching English in South Africa, commercial fishing in Alaska and leading trips with Outward Bound in Zimbabwe. I’ve spent 12 years at The Christian Science Monitor and three years at Adventure Unlimited, DiscoveryBound’s parent organization as the Director of Marketing.

Currently, I am a Christian Science nurse at Tenacre in Princeton, New Jersey. I have two kids – a 12 year-old daughter, Mia, and an 18 year-old son, Aiden, an NLC graduate of the 2018M class. I am married to Lari Snorek-Yates, a Christian Science practitioner and lecturer who has supported and traveled with several NLC classes.

I enjoy running, swimming, hiking, growing spiritually and discussing Christian Science. I am really looking forward to getting to know the teens of the 2023S class and giving back to the program that has meant so much to my family.

Class 2024A

Doug Brown
One of the caveman’s most essential elements of survival was to belong to a tribe. I was born into a tribe of four siblings where footballs, mini bikes, forts, Barbie dolls and a dog scrambled around the yard like autumn leaves in the wind. My mom baked cookies for the armies who filed in for play dates. I belonged to a neighborhood tribe.

Baseball expanded my tribe…then basketball…then college volleyball at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. As the elite athletes moved on, I found a new tribe in overseas work and lived in Tokyo for 14 years.  My nick name became, “Yuubino Toechan”; I hustled rings and graduation products to students in international schools in the Far East (maybe you’ve heard of the company, Jostens Inc.?).

When I returned to the US, my own clan began – aka – marriage and kids: Ann (wife); Chandler and Henry (kids 20 and 18). Now we begin our tribe of NLC, the 2020A crew. Thank you for letting me share these next years with you as we adventure, grow, bond, and strengthen.

Jen Murphy
I’m Jen Murphy. I live in Asheville, North Carolina where I work as the Communications Director for a statewide agency that helps children and families. Before moving to North Carolina, my family and I lived in northern Michigan where we raised dairy goats, chickens, and honeybees.

When I’m not working, I enjoy exploring, hiking, reading, and cooking. I have two children – Sadie and Kian – and a husband named Marc. No one in our family has participated in NLC, so I’m excited to learn all about it right alongside the 2024A class!

Class 2024S

Mark Pécheck
Hello, my name is Mark Pécheck. I’m a life-long student of Christian Science who was raised in Southern California. I attended UCLA and the University of California, Berkeley, and am a partner in an international law firm, where my practice involves real estate transactions.

My wife Wynne and I have three children. Our son Grant recently graduated from Davidson College and is currently working in the AmeriCorps program as a college counselor in North Carolina. Our daughter Grace is a freshman at Principia College, and our son Cade is a junior at Principia Upper School. Grace was a member of NLC Class 2019P and that amazing experience has inspired Wynne and me to take on the challenge of becoming class leaders!

Our family started attending family camp at the A/U Ranches when our children were 7, 4 and 2 years old. When our kids were older, they spent numerous summers as campers at A/U, and both Grant and Grace have been on staff at A/U. I’ve enjoyed teaching Sunday School for more than 20 years, primarily for the high school and college classes.

My hobbies and interests including traveling, hiking, American history, baseball (and especially the Los Angeles Dodgers), UCLA basketball, Michael Connelly novels, and collecting elephants. I’m looking forward to working with the 2024S class, both in exploring what it means to be a “servant leader” as well as having lots of adventures along the way!

Wynne Pécheck
My name is Wynne Pécheck and I am excited to be a new NLC leader for the 2024S class. Our daughter, Grace, was in the 2019P class and, after having watched her amazing experience with NLC, I was inspired to become a leader. In addition to Grace, we have two sons, both of whom have been active A/U campers for many years.

We are all native Californians, but just moved from our home in LA to St Louis in order for our younger son, Cade, to be a day pupil at Principia, and to be closer to our daughter, a freshman at Principia College, and our older son, Grant, who just graduated from college and is now working in North Carolina. Before moving to St Louis, I was a school librarian, so obviously I love books for teens as well as adult literature. As well as being a voracious reader, I also enjoy travel, sports and spending time hiking in the mountains of Colorado.

Class 2025K

Lizzie Loomis
Hi, I’m Lizzie. I am a maker, baker, singer and lover of all things that create community. In fact, most of the jobs I have had over the past 15 years have involved creating community through food. You might know me from Owatonna, where I was the Head Cook for over 7 years. Or you may know me from my work at Principia College, where I was the Resident Counselor in Howard House. I also spent years as a cook on sailboats with Ocean Classroom and have a deep love for the ocean. When I’m not cooking or sailing, I enjoy singing with my barbershop quartet, Last Call, and Skyline Chorus in Denver, a women’s barbershop chorus. I can often be found playing my Ukulele in the sunshine, with a cup of tea, of course!

NLC is not completely new to me as I was a mentor for a student in the 2020T class. While at the 2020 graduation, I became inspired to pursue NLC leadership after seeing the deep connection the class had formed and the growth they’d experienced individually and as a class. I’m excited to be embarking on this adventure with Josh. He and I worked together at Principia College and are excited to reignite our partnership in this unique way. I look forward to growing with the 2025 teens as we learn more about servant leadership and deepen our understanding of, and love for, Christian Science. I expect to learn a lot from them!

Josh Sprague
I am so excited to be co-leader of 2025K! Until recently, pretty much all of my professional career has been about working with teens and young adults as they figure out Christian Science and who they want to be. This started when I worked at Camp Leelanau for 4 summers after I graduated from college and was attending grad school for education, and continued while I worked in the Student Life department at Principia College for 20+ years in a bunch of different positions. Now that I am working in real estate, I am really grateful to have found another way to continue what has become my life’s focus. My wife, Ellen, and I live in Godfrey, IL where we love to hike with our dogs, bike, golf, and generally be outdoorsy. This is my first time doing something with NLC and DiscoveryBound and I can’t wait to get started!

Class 2025U

Ron Clarke
Hi, I’m Ron Clarke and I am excited to be co-leading the NLC 2025U class. I live in Minneapolis, MN and am married to Betsy. We have 5 children and a cat: Alessia is married and has 3 boys; Emily graduated NLC in 2010; Peter is a young adult working at a pizza place; Camille is a Principia College sophomore and graduated NLC in 2019; Daniel is a high school senior and races on the high school mountain bike team; and our cat Alfred was named after Bruce Wayne’s butler.

Betsy and I enjoy camping, biking, mountain biking and hiking. We’ve worked as bunkhouse parents at the A/U Ranches and I did volunteer maintenance work at CedarS Camps. Betsy and I love to be active and outdoors. Between Betsy, me and the five kids we have spent summers at all but one of the six Christian Science camps!

I am the Kitchen Manager for Beacon Haven Christian Science Nursing Facility where I have worked with several high school/college student interns. A number of years ago I planned, organized and ran the youth portion for high schoolers of a regional Christian Science meeting in Chicago with lots of help from speakers and panelists along with camp directors Warren Huff from CedarS and Weldon Rutledge from Leelanau/Kohana. We had a fun, inspiring time and it was great preparation for becoming an NLC leader.

Stephanie Maxey
Stephanie grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado and decided to experience life on her own in a below zero degree climate as an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota. Stephanie earned her BA in Speech/Communications and began what she had hoped would be an exciting and long-term career in television production. After a few years, she was divinely guided to make a career change and embarked on many enriching years in sales and marketing positions for small, entrepreneurial organizations. She is currently back in Colorado working for a commercial interior furnishings dealer. She met her husband, Charlie Christensen, and her bonus son, Alex while in Minnesota, and their family grew to include Spencer, Kassie and Cole. More recently, after fostering 9 dogs for potential service training careers, Labradors Brick and Secret were adopted into their family.

Stephanie is feeling very fortunate about her trifecta with NLC – she was first a mentor of a student in the 2010 class, is a parent of 3 NLC kids (2018C, 2020T and 2023B), and is now stepping into the class leader role. Stephanie draws on her involvement with Junior Achievement, Big Brothers/Sisters and AFS Intercultural Programs, along with experience as a Sunday School teacher, bunkhouse parent, PTO and Booster Club board members, church clerk, reading room attendant and youth sports enthusiast. She has every expectation to be inspired by, and to learn from, these teens as they take on this spiritual stewardship together.

Class 2026B

BK Grimmer
Hi! My name is BK Grimmer and I am over-the-moon excited to be leading the 2026-B NLC class with my husband, Brett! We currently live in St Louis on the Principia Upper School campus, in the Aron House Dorm where I am Dean of Girls. And we have a fur-baby, our Aussiedoodle Bindi!

Being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and having grown up in the Portland, OR area, my favorite place on the planet is the Oregon Coast and I try to get there as often as I am able. This past summer we were able to spend two months in our RV travelling up the coast, and visiting with family including our 3 daughters and 2 soon to be son-in-laws! Brett and I are very grateful for our blended family and love any opportunity to spend time with them.

The bulk of my career has been as a middle school teacher, teaching at Berkeley Hall in Los Angeles, and both public and charter schools in Oregon and Arizona. I can’t imagine a world where I don’t see kids every day! After a few years working in Student Life in higher ed, I jumped at the opportunity to return to a K-12 work environment where, once again I get to work with kids on a daily basis.

NLC is near and dear to my heart and I’m so grateful for the experience, leadership opportunities, and growth that both of my daughters, Mandy-kay 2016W and Molly 2018M, had in the NLC program. Being an NLC parent offers great insight and perspective to the program. I also worked for DiscoveryBound as the Western Regional Manager where I gained an even deeper understanding and appreciation for the NLC program – and I tell everyone I can about how important it is!

I’m grateful to be re-joining the NLC family in this new capacity and Brett and I look forward to a wonderful journey with 2026-B!

Brett Grimmer
Hi, I’m Brett. I am very excited to be co-leading 2026B with my wife BK! We live in St. Louis with our Aussiedoodle puppy, Bindi.

We love family time, the beach, traveling, and are originally from the west coast (California and Oregon). This past June and July found us in our RV, traveling up and down the Oregon and Washington coastline – Bindi loves the beach too! Our remarkable daughters Hannah, Mandy-Kay, and Molly joined us for fun-family beach time while in Oregon. Two of our daughters are NLC grads – Mandy-Kay 2016W, and Molly 2018M – and know from their experiences and tremendous growth how special this program truly is!

I have loved working with teens and young adults, coaching youth sports for more than 20 years (soccer, basketball, baseball), supervising/mentoring students at Principia College including the social event team, admissions ambassadors, and leadership program.

My days as a college student found me at Principia, Cal poly Pomona, and Ashford University, eventually earning my degree in Business Administration. In the 80’s I had a lot of fun and excitement working as a firefighter and search team member in Northern and Central California. I have also enjoyed careers in business management, as an entrepreneur, and as a business consultant. In 2014, I returned to Principia, grateful for the opportunity to give back and worked in both Student Life and Admissions. Recently I left Principia to return to business consulting and entrepreneurship. In my off time I am an avid reader, so-so golfer, and builder of farmhouse furniture.

BK and I are so grateful and feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with these wonderful young adults, and to shepherd this Class as we share experiences, grow spiritually, and discover unlimited potential with 2026B.

Class 2026W

Brad Warrick
I am also very grateful to join my wife Fabienne as class leaders for the 2026W Class. I was born in Decatur, Indiana and attended Principia Middle school, Upper school, and College. After earning a master’s degree in education, I served at Berkley Hall school in California and eventually opened my own private school in Grass Valley, CA called Quail Ridge School House, where I had 10 students and combined ranch work with academics. It was amazing!

I was also coaching football in California, and this led me to St. Louis where I served the Principia School for 16 years as the head football coach, athletic director, teacher, residential house parent and administrator. My highlight of serving Principia was to work with students in as many capacities as possible and helping them discover their infinite potential. During that time, I established a “character first” wilderness trips program as well as help launch curriculum based international trips for the students.

One of my greatest passions or hobby is ornithology. I have been an avid birder since college and love to travel and discover new species and share my discoveries with friends and family. I love the outdoors and especially mountain biking, and hiking! My wife Fabienne and I live in Leland, Michigan and have been so blessed with our five wonderful children, Luke, Jacob, Hannah, Juliette, and Justine. Four years ago, Fabienne and I took our family on a six-month trip to explore five continents and it was challenging and the best experience I could have done with our family. I look forward to taking all these experiences and lessons with me into the class of 2026W.

Fabienne Warrick
I am beyond excited to partner with my husband Brad in this NLC adventure! I was born in Bafoussam, Cameroun (Africa) and raised speaking French in Montréal, Canada. I spent several summers as a child attending Camp Newfound, in Maine and learned to speak English there, as well as build foundational lessons about God’s unconditional love. I graduated from Principia College and spent my summers as a Christian Science nurse’s aide in Boston. I pursued a career in international business and marketing for many years, but my growing love and reliance on Christian Science eventually led me to the public practice which I have been devoted to full time for the past twelve years.

My husband Brad and I have five children (Justine, Juliette, Hannah, Jacob and Luke) who have been our best teachers and role models. Today they are all young adults living in 5 different states. We live in beautiful Leland, Michigan which is just 15 minutes from Camps Leelanau and Kohahna. We are both outdoor and travel enthusiasts and love adventures.

My deep love for family, and especially for children, has been nurtured in countless ways. From owning a day-care center for a few years to serving as director of Camp Newfound for two years, to teaching Sunday school for over 25 years (I am currently teaching two classes in French with the Mother Church’s Global online Sunday school.). I served as a C.S. institutional chaplain and served at youth at a correctional facility. I have also served many of the Christian Science camps as a C.S. practitioner including three summers with the 2020T NLC class. Brad and I have also welcomed countless kids, teens and young adults into our home and our hearts over the years and have been so blessed by each one. I am honored to join the class of 2026W!

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