49.Events_NLC-SummerExp(1)All teens enrolled in the National Leadership Council will take part in a summer experiences each year.

What to expect

  • Year 1
    • Summer Orientation (at the A/U Ranches Christian Science camp), 2 weeks, late June/early July
  • Year 2
    • Summer Adventure Trip (domestic), 2 weeks, late June/early July
  • Year 3
    • Summer Service Trip (international), 2 weeks, late June/early July
  • Year 4
    • Summer Internship within the Christian Science Community, usually 3 weeks or more
    • Class Wrap-up Weekend in early fall, location TBD



While on our trip, I tried to make all my intentions pure, like helping out with the dishes...By making these choices, I was able to appreciate all of God’s creations more and enjoy the trip on a different leve, a more spiritual level.
– NLC Teen Participant

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