DiscoveryBound’s Outreach program “reaches out” beyond camp and church to invite Christian Scientists and their friends of all faiths to attend Regional Seasonal and National Annual events where they can see Christian Science in action. There are also DiscoveryBound Local Chapters across the country that organize events for youth, 20s-30s, families and all adults in your community.

These wholesome activities support an inspirational environment, where youth, adults or families relate based on the shared values of Christian Science, and where they’re free to express themselves in an atmosphere free from drugs, alcohol, smoking or profanity.

Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find.
– John 21:6

What is DB Outreach?

By coming to DiscoveryBound [Outreach] events, I have learned that in any challenging situation, just change your view from the material to the spiritual and all will be well because God is in charge.
– Outreach Teen Participant

Are you currently a Christian Scientist entering into the 8th grade or know someone who is? If so, you are invited to learn more about DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council program. Are you a Christian Scientist entering 10th-12th grade and looking for a tight teen community to connect with for a year? Consider DiscoveryBound’s Compass program.

Questions? Email or call 888.416.7348 x138