Proving ageless adventure

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Sandy Melton challenged herself during white water rafting at a North Carolina Outreach event.

A woman in her eighth decade overcame claims of fear and limitation during a spring DB Outreach event at the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC.

“It was a challenge to my personal sense of limitation,” says Sandy Melton, who traveled from her home in Georgia to attend. Sandy and others in her boat rafted a Class I and two Class IV rapids. “I thought riding in a little bit of rocky waters would be fun, but there was more to it than that.”

After putting “all the strength and gumption” she had into the first Class IV rapid and realizing there was another one ahead, her thought turned fully to prayer. She remembered that a practitioner had shared with her the ideas of “legions of angels” and “legions of omnipotence.”

“I realized there was no place for fear,” Sandy relates. “I had to dig in and trust that omnipotence to support me to do whatever needed to be done. My whole heart was trusting God’s omnipotence. When we went down the second time, it went all right!”

Sandy says she was grateful for the support from other participants, who helped her with walking, carrying her belongings (such as her rolling walker/seat) and allowing her to lean against their legs in the raft. She loves the “fellowship among senior citizen [Christian] Scientists” while doing physical activities that DB Outreach all-ages events offer, such as one she attended two years ago at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia.

“I was happy to learn the lessons, praying and depending on God to help me and depending on my fellow Scientists,” Sandy says.


DiscoveryBound Outreach is a community program that provides local activities for all ages, weekend retreats and national teen weekends for Christian Scientists and their friends.