Recordings of Inspiring Talks from Past DiscoveryBound Events

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Abe Mclaughlin and Ethel Baker

New Sentinel Design Sneak Preview

DB Outreach: New Sentinel Design Sneak Preview talk aired November 12, 2020. Run time: 61 min.

Speaker Bios

Madelon Maupin

Topic: How the Bible Answers Teen Challenges

DB Outreach: National Virtual talk aired October 9, 2020. Run time: 60 min.

Speaker Bio

Tom McElroy, C.S.B.

Topic: Spiritual discovery: Finding peace and strength

DB Outreach: National Virtual talk aired September 18, 2020. Run time: 80 min.

Speaker Bio

Natalija Nogulich

DiscoveryBound Outreach National Event, Los Angeles

DB Outreach: National Event talk given August 31, 2019. Run time: 50 min.

We hope you enjoyed these talks. Check back periodically for additional talks hosted by DiscoveryBound. And a very special thank you to the donors who have supported these talks and all of DiscoveryBound’s programs!