Annual Fund

Gifts to the Annual Fund are a vital source of income that enables us to provide life-changing programs to Christian Scientists and their friends.

Christian Scientists who participate in DiscoveryBound’s programs are consistently putting into practice the effectiveness of applying God’s laws to their lives, with healing results. While fees cover a portion of the program expenses, more than half of the funds needed for DiscoveryBound’s annual operating expenses come from gifts to the Annual Fund:

FY2022 operating budget: $6.4 million*
Annual Fund donations needed in 2022: $4.4 million*

You can help us continue to provide opportunities for spiritual growth by giving to the Annual Fund today.

Choose Your Fund

Within the Annual Fund are opportunities to direct your gift to a specific program. The General Operating Fund is an unrestricted fund that allows DiscoveryBound the most flexibility in its use. This fund supports the entire organization, including any immediate needs that might arise.

If your heart has been touched by a specific program, there are ways to support that fund:

  • DiscoveryBound Outreach & Compass Operating Fund: Outreach connects Christian Science families across the nation by providing year-round activities for Christian Science teens and their families and friends of all faiths. Compass is a one-year program open to Christian Science students in 10th-12th grade that helps keep teens focused on a spiritual path.
  • DiscoveryBound Outreach & Compass Scholarship Fund: Thousands of Christian Scientists and their friends participate annually in Outreach events, plus about a dozen teens in the Compass program. This fund ensures that youth who need financial assistance can attend national and regional Outreach events, as well as Compass retreats.

  • DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council Operating Fund: Donations to this fund support DB’s four-year teen leadership program to foster qualities of servant leadership among Christian Science youth. The Annual Fund covers more than half of NLC’s expenses, providing an opportunity for giving in this important program.
  • DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council Scholarship Fund: The four-year program takes participants all over the country and world for various service and leadership opportunities. This fund ensures that teens who need financial assistance can participate in the many activities that are part of the NLC program.
  • Ted Cox Memorial NLC Trip Fund: Established in tribute to the spouse of Anabeth Cox, a former Adventure Unlimited trustee, the purpose of this fund is to provide high-quality, impactful adventure and service trips for teens in DB NLC and to help reduce the cost of these trips for each family.

*Operating budget and required Annual Fund donations represent Adventure Unlimited figures (inclusive of DiscoveryBound programming)

Adventure Unlimited, which includes DiscoveryBound and the A/U Ranches, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.